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But in plugging this data hole, the project has also now helped scientists to realise their century-long quest ครีมหน้าเงา to describe how the pull of gravity varies across the entire Earth. Prof Rene Forsberg from the National Space Institute at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU-Space) said gravity data was fundamental knowledge needed to understand height across the planet. GPS and other satellite systems depended on having a universal reference, he explained. "The PolarGAP data will make future global models much more accurate, and together with similar data collected over decades in the Arctic, including data from recent [UN treaty] activities and declassified gravity data from the Cold War, secure 100% global coverage," he told BBC News. Image copyright POLARGAP/R.FORSBERG Image caption A gravity map of Antarctica from GOCE with the new PolarGAP data filling the satellite's hole. The highs and lows correspond mainly to subglacial terrain To get its information, the PolarGAP team flew an instrumented Twin-Otter plane across the polar landscape in grid lines that totalled some 30,000km. As well as gravity and magnetic sensors, the airborne campaign carried a radar and a laser altimeter. The radar provides insights on the layers and total thickness of the ice sheet. It also maps the shape of the rockbed and gives some information on the movement of water at the ice-rock interface. Gravity data helps determine the thickness of the crust - the platform on which Antarctica stands. Magnetics is complementary and more information says something about the presence of magmatic rocks and sedimentary basins.